BB-D Baseball Marblewood Pen With Antique Pewter Trim

  • $38.00

Here is the perfect gift for the Baseball Enthusiast. Features include: Pen End: A batter eagerly waiting for his pitch - casted in intricate detail.  Pen Top: The outside architecture of a baseball stadium casted around the top of the pen with a baseball infield inside the baseball stadium top.  Pen Clip: Is a baseball bat placed at the hands of the batter.  Pen Mechanism: The "Curveball" Bolt Action mechanism replicates the arc of a pitcher's curveball approaching the batter.  This mechanism works the same way our current Bolt Action pen kits work to smoothly advance and retract the refill.  Pen Tip: Incorporates a baseball as well as the some of the same architectural stadium elements as the pen end. 
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